Sunday, June 1, 2014

Feeling that I can't expressed out.

It been a while huh I didnt update my blog. A year I guess ? Haha.
Why am I suddenly update blog ? Here, let me tell you. When Prescillia want to scream out loud what she have gone through but not able to do that, she will update her blog. Simple as that haha.
Plus, she didn't have a listener except one of her friend who knows everything.

She been knowing someone for a few months. And yes it going to the next stage. You know what I mean huh ? :) I will cut all those happy memories. Let directly know the sad part. Guess what, she been dumped again ! Wahh ! Speechless ! She knows there is something bothering him when he really teruk layan her. He didn't call her sayang anymore. Mesej macam terpaksa. Saying that he is busy is not masuk akal at all. He was busy with his work before but then he will never ever forget to text  her even a single minute. Those layan is totally berubah since last week. She knows she will get dump again. And she ready to be in that stage again even it will membuatkan luka lama berdarah kembali.I never thought he will do that. He told me how hurt it was when his ex gf dumped him. And how u got a heart to do such thing to me ? I know I didn't asking you why you do so. And I guess mesti you ingat I tak kisah break up with you kan. But then I takda perasaan dah nak ask a guy kenapa break up. Because I afraid the answer will be because of another girl. Dari dengar itu, lebih baik diam walaupun sakit.

The moment he said 'u deserve someone better than me', I was like am I done something wrong ? He didn't say 'i want to break up'. And I guess he still nak jaga my feeling. But then when someone said you deserve someone better, that mean their ready to leave you alone. But I didn't ask him what I have been asking to myself, why he doing so. I just let it be. Accept everything with open heart because I am heartless person starting that day. I can't feel hurt anymore. I was so stupid to fall in love with a guy then been cheated again. Rasanya takda dah laki yang setia kot di alam smesta sekarang.

To him, thanks for short memories that you gave to me. You're the one I pernah sayang before so I won't said anything bad because I still do sayang. And it might need a time to erase all those memories. But, I am glad when you said you still want us to stick as a friend..thought that the most difficuilt thing to do but hey let be a friend then. If you leaving me because of another girl, I hope you be happy with her. Don't leave her like what you have done to me. Even it really hurt to say those words but what is more important rather than to be together yet our love pudar kan. All the best in your life.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Jingle Jingle ~~

YES ! It's all about Christmas !
And same as last year, I will celebrating my Christmas in Malacca again ! ;)
Even though I can't go back because it is study week, I will make sure my Christmas is full of joy !
Tomorrow will head to Malacca by afternoon and will be reach Portuguese Village in evening, I guess.
Can't wait !
God, bless our journey. Amen.

Oh ya, fuhh fuhh berhabuk blog ~~
It's been a while I didn't update my blog. Kinda busy even I still have a time to watch drama korea ! Haha.
I didn't update my birthday moment like I used to update before. 11/12/13 was my 21st birthday.  I'm glad that my friends surprised me with a cake. It totally memorable moment ever. It's 21st birthday. 21st ! Hahaha.

Being in 2013 is totally challenging. Thought people said your birthday date will bring joy and luck, but I didn't think so. A lot of things happen which I can't even handle.

After I broke up and move on with my life, and yes single life is the most happiest life ever ! (eh? haha). Actually being single also giving me a headache hahaha. I had rejected a few guys and dua daripada dorg block I. And I was like what? are their really like me because who am I or sebab nafsu? please la ~~
Kepada dua orang tu, please, if you sincere love/like a girl, don't block her when she reject you. It make you like/love her because of nafsu if you do block her. And I hope there is no bad/hate feeling between us okay? I do comfortable being a friend only. To be more than a friend, I don't think so.
It's not easy dealing with single life. You have to hurt others feeling hahaha.
But, overall, I'm happy. I got my girls who always cheer me up. Superb !

Study? So far my study life is okay. Even I suffer from lack of sleep, but yahh it student life. Lack of sleep is a common thing. Final examination is around a corner. One week left and now is study week. Which I called it as 'korean week marathon drama' hahaha. Haven't start study yet. Will start study after Christmas day ;)

#Have a joyful Christmas, people ! Don't ever forget to thanks Jesus Christ ;)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Stay Strong, Beautiful.

I don't want to be afraid. I wanna wake up feeling beautiful today. AND KNOW THAT I'M OKAY. CAUSE EVERYONE'S PERFECT IN UNUSUAL WAYS.

Head up, stay strong, move on. 

Some of us think holding on makes us strong but sometimes it is letting go. 

Trust in the Lord with all your heart. 

Be strong and courageous;  do not afraid or terrified for the Lord, your God goes with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you.